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Did DaVinci Academy have a different name before?

Yes, we changed our name to DaVinci Academy from Delphi Academy after 34 years of operation. The  new licensing gave us more autonomy but still allowed us to keep our tried and true philosophy, values and academic program while making some adjustments suitable for a school in Silicon Valley. Our core curriculum remains the same and our approach remains mastery-based with students able to progress at their own pace. Changes include new curriculum groups "Levels", an expanded Honors program and more technology lessons incorporated into the curriculum. We are still a non-profit 501(c)(3) under Competent Educational Services, Inc. 

When can a student enroll?

Qualified students may enroll at any time throughout the summer and academic school year, space permitting. Most students start in June, August or January. Our year-round program starts in June and ends in May each year. Mid-year enrollment is not a problem, since students move independently on the curriculum. 

How young can a student be to enroll in your program?

Students may begin Kindergarten (Level K) as early as four years old.  Readiness is determined during what is usually a two-hour evaluation where the child spends time in the classroom and is assessed on their ability to follow directions, participate in a classroom environment and personal interest in the program. The child also meets with the Dean of Students for academic assessment for placement in reading and math levels and to determine if the child is ready for school. Please note that depending on COVID-19 case rates in the county, a recent negative COVID-19 test may be required for classroom participation.

What if we are transferring from another school?

When applying from another school, the application form, student records and a recommendation from their current classroom teacher are requested. The application includes parent statements, a student essay and basic information about the child. The usual application procedure, including a tour of the school by parents and a Student Evaluation with testing, interview and assessment are part of the transfer application.

How does placement work?

Students advance based on demonstrated mastery of subject material rather than by age or time spent at one level, so each student is individually evaluated and placed in the class that is right for them. Transfer students are evaluated, then given a complete, custom-designed academic program. Students move through these programs as rapidly as they are learning and demonstrating competence. Even a Kindergarten student may have a personalized program if, for example, they are advanced in reading or math and should be placed further ahead in certain subjects. 

Do you have a program for a gifted student?

We do not have a program that isolates gifted students from others. However, accelerated learners can complete an Honors program offered in Levels 4 – 8. This is suitable for students who thrive on extra challenges and rigors. In general, our program and curriculum is particularly well-suited to most children because students are allowed to advance as rapidly as they are learning and demonstrating competence. 

Do you accept students with "behavior problems" or "learning disabilities?"

Sometimes, children are mislabeled or are simply in an educational program that is not suitable for them. For some of these children, our basic teaching method and study techniques are all that are required to get the student back on track. Our program is rigorous and demands a certain amount of ability to study independently, to set goals and to work with others, so we try to be as accurate as possible during the Evaluation assessment to determine if a child will be able to succeed in this unique program. Students must also be able to communicate their needs, follow instructions and stay with a group to ensure safety on our regular field trips and excursions.

What training are teachers given to deliver DaVinci's Independent Mastery Learning Program? 

All teachers complete a line-up of training materials from Heron Books that outline the philosophies of mastery-based learning as well as the practicalities of how to run a successful classroom of independent learners. Teachers begin as Aides or Assistant Teachers, move up to be Apprentice Teachers, and finally become full Teachers. All our teachers are supported and mentored by experienced teaching staff and the Dean. 

Is this a religious school?

No. We are an independent, non-sectarian school open to all students and families, irrespective of their personal faiths and beliefs. The school's policy is one of respect for the religious beliefs of others and nothing of a religious nature is required of students or families.

We seek to celebrate the cultural backgrounds represented in our student body and to educate students about the various heritages and customs of different cultures. However, matters of religion and any child's questions about religion, God or aspects of a spiritual nature are directed back to the parents for answering. The school considers religion to be a personal choice of the family and does not advocate any specific doctrine of faith, worship or belief. Rather, we teach students to appreciate and respect their own and others' spiritual choices.

How do you view the role of parents in a child's education?

We see parent involvement as vital. Our school community is close-knit and family-oriented, with communication and collaboration encouraged between teachers, parents and learners. We seek to build a trust and partnership with parents and students. Your active participation and communication with the school regarding your child's education is considered essential to the young learner’s success.

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